Vocal typefemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitNo
Key signatureebMajor

Alternate tracks (Included with license purchase)

  • Sip Slow (instrumental)🎹


Verse 1 My back is to the breeze And the sun is on my face I ask myself for ease Cause I know this ain´t a race Why do I keep doing this Why do I push on Why do I keep racing around with nothing to be won Chorus Slow it down my friend You are doing just fine I feel your heart and I see your mind You can rest easy knowing you got time Slow it down relax, unwind Verse 2 I try to slow it down Just to speed back up Racing all around And I am spilling my cup I am always in a hurry And I am always out of time I am always full of worry And I am always out my mid Chorus