SubgenresPop RapTrap
Vocal typemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitYes
Key signaturegsMinor

Paris, LV, and a blonde girl named Chelsea I come round that shit get messy She do shots in a room full of besties Nights like this and I think who blessed me? I don't know my shit turn gold Only going up babe never getting old Love it when I catch my tempo Treat your body like a temple Prayin on me yeah are you gonna make it? Watch out girl yeah never gon waste it Know when I play it make em all sing This shit forever like I'm wearing your ring I got the bars no bark I'll bite, when I get on mic I know I shine bright Lights out, drink some Smokin up till we get dumb Look at the future feel so numb Hiding out till the sun come She an actress with all them lines That snow white go with the wine That girl name Mercedes, yeah she drive me crazy Yeah yeah, yeah she drive me crazy So I've been chillin by myself lately I don't wanna here anymore no more or maybe's It's a cold world all these losses they made me She tellin me she want to come here and live it up All this drink in my system I can't give it up So we stay up until early mornings and just sip it up It's only the family they can sit with us Lights out, drink some, party on till get gone This life is strange I'm starting to feel it This world is so fucked up is the virus real I'm starting to deep it Everytime I smoke these fumes I get mad doss like what is this feelin Is it love? Is it hate? Tears Keep coming right down my face Tears Keep coming no onions peelin Imma slide and put ten in his head Cus I remember that day he tried touch bone and nine of us wanted him dead We're after them guys no question said And this world is fuckin peak He did this so I did this, Do what you want it's not that deep I see no farm but I see bare sheep.